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Yay or Nay to Flour Alternatives?

Gimme a YAY! Alternative flours, such as coconut flour and almond flour, are the way to go when the recipe permits! These flours can be used to substitute standard flours made from wheat (i.e., whole wheat flour, and all-purpose flour), and offer a TON of benefits. In addition to offering greater variety to those who cannot consume wheat, alternative flours possess a nutritional profile that makes them a healthier option for EVERYONE.

When compared to standard wheat-based flours, coconut flour and almond flour are less processed. Additionally, they are loaded with fibre and protein, nutrients that help to keep you full longer, support healthy blood sugars and cholesterol levels, and are rich in micronutrients, such as calcium, iron and various antioxidants. Simply put, these alternative flours can be built into your weekly menu to help you meet your health goals while simultaneously enjoying delicious recipes.

Should You Avoid Standard Flours?

Standard wheat-based flours can be delicious, however, there are many reasons why these flours should be enjoyed in moderation:

  1. Unlike coconut flour and almond flour, white and whole-wheat flours are low in fibre and protein - nutrients that promote long-term feelings of fullness. As an example, standard pancakes or pizza, compared to versions with almond flour, will leave you feeling hungrier faster, and incur a larger carbohydrate load for your body to digest, absorb and potentially store.

  2. White and whole wheat flours have a higher glycemic index, meaning that standard flours can cause blood-sugar levels to spike and crash rapidly. Overtime, this can lead to an increased risk for high blood sugar, high cholesterol, fatty liver and more.

  3. White and whole-wheat flours are more processed than flour alternatives, stripping them of nutrients and making them more pro-inflammatory. Inflammation is the underlying source for many health conditions, so any foods that are more anti-inflammatory are beneficial to your overall health, and even hormone