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Nutritional Cooking


& Group Counselling


  • Weight management

  • Fatty liver / non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

  • Hyperphagia management (Prader-Willi Syndrome)

  • High Blood Pressure / High Cholesterol

  • Diabetes (Type 1, 2 and Gestational)

  • Menopausal nutritional management

  • Picky eating

  • Introduction of solid foods

  • Prenatal nutrition

  • Bariatric surgery

  • Binge eating

Introductory Phone Call

  • Prior to booking your initial assessment, book in for a complimentary 15-minute phone call with our Registered Dietitian to ask any questions about Healthy U and our approach.

  • Learn about our services and allow our RD to learn about you and your goals and share her vision for how she will empower you to meet them if you are to move forward in partnership with our team.

FREE = 15 min phone call


$180 = 45 minute initial consult


   Detailed care plan


     15 minute follow up

  • We will learn more about you, your health goals, and how we can best serve you through our services.

  • In collaboration with our dietitian, you will complete an in-depth nutrition assessment, and learn more about the past, current and future nutrition behaviours/goals.

  • This assessment will be used to develop a tailored nutrition care plan including goal tracking charts, recipes, menus, grocery lists and nutrition information handouts.

Follow-up Visits 

$95 = 30 minute session

  • Following your initial assessment, book in for virtual follow-up visits to review your progress in detail with our Registered Dietitian, problem solve to overcome challenges, and build on the nutrition goals that are working for you.

  • Follow-ups may include mini meal plan assessments in which small tweaks are made, new recipe ideas and grocery lists based on your preferences and nutrition goals, and continued development of a tailored care plan to support your progress between visits.

  • Follow-up sessions are recommended every 2-3 weeks for ongoing education, accountability and support.

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