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Meet Our Team & Collaborators!

While Alissa Steinberg is expecting baby #3, our team will be growing to ensure our clinic flow and referrals continue to offer support to the community. Accessing nutrition and activity services are a vital part of healthcare, and we prioritize offering more accessible services to support comprehensive care. 


We have welcomed the following NEW Team Members: 

Elisa Porretta
Clinical and Research Manager

As an aspiring Registered Dietitian, Elisa is currently enrolled in the Nutrition and Food program at Toronto Metropolitan University (4th year, undergraduate student). She has already earned a Wellness Coaching Program certificate through the Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Diploma at Humber College. As the Clinical Manager for Healthy U, Elisa assists with overseeing clinic flow, projects / workshops related to community engagement and knowledge translation to multiple audiences. She is involved in all aspects related to developing nutrition care plans, client resources, tailored meal plans while ensuring the content is derived from evidenced-based, up-to-date clinical practice guidelines. Elisa participates as a co-facilitator for various group sessions with clients, corporate events and brand partnerships relations. Her passion and core value to strive for excellence, makes Elisa an invaluable team member that strengthens the integrity and quality of service from Healthy U. 

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Alisa Bar-Dayan 

Registered Dietitian 
Alisa Bar-Dayan is a pediatric Registered Dietitian with 20+ years of clinical experience from The Hospital for Sick Children. Alisa specializes in weight management and metabolic health (i.e. high cholesterol, fatty liver, high blood sugars, and hypertension), optimizing growth through energy boosting / picky eating strategies, and introduction to solids / food allergies. Alisa has extensive experience working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, and therefore, creates comprehensive nutrition care plans for the families she works with. Alisa utilizes motivational interviewing techniques in her counseling practice to help engage children and adolescents in their nutrition plan, and ensures it is tailored to each family's needs. Alisa is passionate about providing up-to-date, evidence-based care that is translated into practical, fun, and simple plans. 
Alisa RD.heic

Lara Inany 

Personal Trainer
Lara Inany is our Healthy U Personal Trainer, and completed her certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Lara is passionate about providing high quality care, and creates exercise programs both tailored to the needs of her clients and in accordance with Participaction, The 24-Hour Movement Guidelines. Lara designs exercise programs for beginners, intermediate or advanced clients and offers support through private sessions (one-on-one support), and group sessions. Lara specializes in providing care in areas such as weight management, muscle development, bone health and cardiovascular fitness. Lara also incorporates nutrition in her plans on an individual basis, as she completed her Nutrition and Foods degree at Toronto Metropolitan University, and earned a certificate in Food Security.
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Managing your health goals often extends beyond nutrition and food behaviours. Including other healthcare providers can offer a more comprehensive and effective approach, such as including experts in psychology, physical activity, and medicine

We have welcomed the following Collaborators:

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Dr. Olinca Trejo, ND, HB.KIN
Naturopathic Doctor
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